Tasting Notes – Pinot Noir – The People’s Share 2023

Pinot Noir – The People’s share

Nurtured what was abandoned

These blocks were part of our long-abandoned sheep farm, and the wildlife enjoys their pick of the season’s fresh shoots and fruit.

Even electric fences and vine nets proved no match for these pinot-loving predators.

After having provided forage for the Wallabies, Possums, Currawongs and Wasps we are now pleased to offer, The People’s Share.

vibrant colour

Wild berry aromas, with a little spice, are met by a dry light-tannin palate, complemented with a mellow oaked finish (all French Oaked – 33% new).


Single vineyard. Handpicked. 2023. Planted 2020. Clones: 115 & 114. Blocks: 1 & 5. Qty: 750 bottles. Alc Vol: 12.5%. Fining agent: Egg white. PRES: 220.

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