Tasting Notes – Pinot Gris – The Folly Block 2023

Pinot Gris – the Folly Block

A folly to be sure – but the results speak for themselves

The Folly block Pinot Gris is an expression of our drive for grape perfection. Perched high on a rare north-east sloping hill on the eastern side of the Tamar Valley, this spot has just about everything going for it – perfect aspect, ample airflow, pure rains, rich red soils on top of ancient dolerite lava…. and that’s where the trouble started.

The soils, whilst perfect, are sitting right on top of solid mother earth, and the posts had to be drilled and bolted directly onto her, making this block solid like no other.

Mineral finish

The fruit that is offered here by our vines is without compare and, as the vines mature, and their roots grow deeper to hug the earth so close, the rich mineral soils will continue to impart a flavour in our wine that few have been lucky enough to find.

Featuring fragrant floral and fruit aromas with a lingering mineral palate and a satisfyingly dry finish.


Single vineyard. Handpicked. 2023. Clone: CLONE: D1V7. Block: 2. Qty: 1,800 bottles. Alc vol: 13.5%. Contains: Isinglass. PRES: 224.

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