We are intensely proud to be the FIRST wine producers to be certified by the Tasmanian Mark.

“The Tasmanian Mark operates as a ‘place of origin’ marker and is part of a targeted effort to differentiate Tasmanian products and services in local, national and international markets, and to derive more value for everything Tasmanian.”

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Tasmania is fast growing into a geographic region recognised for producing high-quality cool climate, premium wine. With the cleanest air in the world, it is an ideal place to live and tend to our 10 hectares of vineyard.

We are passionate about producing the best possible fruit, that imparts the characteristics of our unique terroir through every sip of our wine. We do this through balancing sustainable and traditional farming practices to ensure optimum soil health. In 2024 we introduced Baby-Doll sheep to help with weed control, you can follow their progress on our social media accounts.